Friday, 31 August 2012

St Nerses on the Cross

"When you see the cross, know and believe that you are seeing Christ enthroned on it; when you pray before the cross, believe that you are doing so, concerning Christ Our God and not with inanimate matter.  For it is Christ who receives your proskynesis offered before the cross; and it is He who hears the supplications of your mouth and fulfills the desires of your heart, which you ask with faith.  Whoever does not honour the cross, or insults it, insults Christ Himself.
- St Nerses

The oldest and most dangerous enemy of humanity.

"The ego is the oldest and most dangerous enemy of humanity. Satan does not fight the man as fight him his "ego"..The greatest problem of mankind is the "me", Whoever triumph it inside himself is able to conquer the world and all the demons out, and he who falters infront of his ego is defeated and can succumb to any sin."

- H.H. Pope Shenouda III, Patriarch of Alexandria.