Saturday, 23 June 2012

Save Eritrea event

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Know More the Sufferings of Christians in Eritrea here

What is Save Eritrea? It is an initiative by the Colt Crew and Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE.

An International online prayer and fast program to be conducted on July 24,25,26 for the people of Eritrea.

Why Save Eritrea? Christians are facing threat, torture, beating sexual assault and imprisonment.Click Here to know more.

How is the Prayer Conducted? Prayers will be in audio sessions and are uploaded to our youtube.

What can i do? Kindly fast on these days. At least leave your breakfast. Join us in the online prayer. Spread this news to your friends and the world. Make you social network dp’s with pic “Save Eritrea”. Write it on your wrist. Write it everywhere on email, sms ,chats and let the world know about it.

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