Monday, 12 November 2012

Orthodox News sites today demonstrate that the world is still messed up...

1) Roman, Jerusalemite, Syriac, Antiochian, Armenian, Russian, Greek, Constaninopolitan, Coptic Alexandrian and Greek Alexandrian Patriarchs have all spoken out about the State of the Palestinians yet American Protestant Christians still believe that all Christians have a “Biblical duty” to support Israel in their Ethnic cleansing.

2) Iran is called an extremist state yet it is more willing to rebuild Armenian Churches than “our allies” in Turkey.

3) In Egypt, cutting a Woman’s hair in an extremist attack gets you 6 months in Prison yet kidnapping them and raping them leads to a “reconciliation meeting” and the houses of the Girl’s parents being burnt down if they do not agree to let the rapist keep their daughter.

4) The largest Syrian opposition group has a Christian leader whose first demand is not to tell Extremists to stop killing Christians or make a plea for an end to the terrorism but to ask for weapons to fight the Government. Interestingly, another opposition bloc elected a Muslim Cleric as their leader today too.

Yup… The world is still messed up.

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