Friday, 28 December 2012

Sola Scriptura isn't Sola at all...

If you believe in Sola Scriptura yet reject the Apostolic Church you are not living a purer faith but a life of hypocrisy.
The Biblical Canon was formed within Church tradition with one condition being that the text conformed with the teachings of the Apostles and their successors (as found in the Didache and Didascalia Apostolurum, as well as other early church writings.) It cannot be interpreted apart from this since this is the context in which it was formulated.
If someone is truely ‘sola Scriptura’ they have no Bible in book form, simply around 45 conflicting Gospels (many heretical and lated developments which the church rejected), hundreds of Epistles and just as many heretical gnostic, Apollonarian and Monist apocalyptic texts on their floor. If you pick up a Bible you are already conforming to the Church’s choice of Canon and their exegesis of scripture.
Sorry Sola Scriptura followers. By walking around with your leather bound KJVs you are already sinking into Tradition and accepting that big T ‘Tradition’ that your late-medieval founders claim to have rejected..

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